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The F in Tech podcast

A few weeks ago I spoke with Elliott Gotkine (formerly of BBC and Bloomberg) about the early days of starting MarketFinance and when a few things went wrong, what we had to do to drag ourselves out of the hole. You learn more from the things that go wrong!

Elliott Gotkine | 11/5/2020

It may not be the world’s oldest profession; lenders have been factoring – allowing customers to borrow against the value of their invoices – since Roman times, and perhaps even longer. But it wasn’t until Anil Stocker and his cofounders came along that the industry was given a technological twist. Since creating the company in 2011, MarketFinance (which until recently was known as Market Invoice) has lent more than £3 billion to small and medium-sized businesses – money that would have helped some of these SMEs to survive, and many more to thrive. What’s this got to do with garden furniture? Have a listen, as it’s one of the craziest stories you’ll ever hear in fintech. Enjoy.



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Co-Founder of MarketFinance

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