MarketInvoice & KPMG

MIKPMGoption4July 2015 ended with a bang at MarketInvoice as we hit our all-time monthly funding record at £29m – that’s more than £1mn per working day! We’re seeing more new sign-ups, more trades, and more new business leads than ever before. And the good news has rolled straight on into the start of August as we announced this week that we’re launching a partnership with consulting and accounting giant KPMG.

KPMG has recognized the potential in alternative finance, and in MarketInvoice especially, so we’re excited to be working with them.

KPMG is of course a large company with decades of experience in providing other large businesses with a range of professional services – perhaps most notably accounting. Now they have plans to help smaller businesses by providing that same access to great advice and information that their big customers get. Their ideas here are great, they’re really looking to embrace new technologies to get the best help to small businesses. This partnership will help bring MarketInvoice to the many thousands of businesses KPMG is planning to help.

Accountancy for small businesses is undergoing radical change. The growth of cloud accounting software providers like Xero is forcing a bit of a rethink. We’re taking a bet that accountants, from giant firms like KPMG to smaller, high street operations, are going to take a bigger, broader role in the growth of small businesses – less numbers, more advice. We want to be part of those conversations, and we want to help accountants navigate the fast growing world of alternative finance.

We’ve entered a few big partnerships in the last 18 months, and every time I’m reminded of the early days of MarketInvoice when my friends barely believed in the idea, never mind big companies. We’ve come a long way in just four and a bit years so I’m really proud to have the backing of all our partners.

We’re really excited for what we can achieve with KPMG, though our laser focus remains on breaking July’s funding record straight away this month – we don’t believe in quiet Augusts at MarketInvoice!


One thought on “MarketInvoice & KPMG

  1. Excellent business idea. Having worked in the industry I know how difficult it has become for SMEs to access funding; the barriers that were raised were ridiculously high,even for well-run businesses supplying blue-chip clients. I wish you every success.

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