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TechFoundersLondon: Entrepreneurs Anonymous

I get a lot of event invites and I find it really tricky knowing which ones to go to. Some events are great for creating new business leads, some are good for making new contacts, and some are good for brand building; but I don’t come away from many events with clear ideas or learnings I can implement the same day. Ultimately there aren’t many events where people in the same boat as me – founders of tech businesses – can openly share useful hacks and inside knowledge. So I decided to start my own group – TechFoundersLondon.

The starting members met for the first time recently at the MarketInvoice office and the benefits were clear instantly. Having a forum to talk freely about the challenges of growing a tech business brought out a lot of great insights from hiring tips to inside info on fundraising. It’s kind of a “Entrepreneurs Anonymous” where we get together and chat about what’s keeping us awake at night. Sharing problems and thinking them through together is the first step in eventually solving them.

So far we’re around 25 founders from tech businesses in fashion, fintech, payments, recruitment, reg-tech and marketing among others. Founders of JustPark, DueDil, GoCardless, Arachnys, Grabble,, SalesGossip, StreetHub, and, are some that are already involved. Although we’re in different sectors there’s a lot we can learn from each other. We’re all running mission-focused businesses determined to change the world for the better and that means we’re facing a lot of the same challenges.

Hiring is on pretty much everyone’s mind in the London tech scene right now. We’re creating more jobs than we can fill. At MarketInvoice we speak to around 50 candidates every single week, across just our 25 businesses we must be seeing many thousands of people every year, so there’s a lot of information we can share; from simple candidate referrals, to new recruitment concepts and ideas.

Fundraising is high on the agenda of a lot of tech companies in London this year. Our group can help its members with fundraising by making introductions, swapping war stories, and providing a forum for advice on how to get the best deal for your business and what things to watch out for.

Having hosted the first session, I’m excited for what TechFoundersLondon can achieve for our thriving community. So if you’re a tech founder in London, drop me a line and help us grow the group.

We’ll be running the second meeting of the group this week at the DueDil offices on Wednesday morning- don’t miss out.

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Co-Founder of MarketFinance

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